Declarative vs Scripted Pipeline – Key differences

Data migration to Google Cloud BigQuery and ensured the seamless operation of data for Leader in e-commerce platform

Benefits of kubernetes

Migrating data pipelines and database structures from Cloudera to GCP services for a global leader in Consumer Packaged Goods industry

apache airflow use cases

Migration to Google Cloud Platform resulted in cost savings for a global leader in Consumer Packaged Goods industry.


Providing a Data Platform solution for a global leader in CPG industry to enable a holistic view of each customer in near real-time.

The customer’s objective was to overcome data silos and construct a unified Datalake that serves as a reliable and authoritative source of data for campaigns and planning. The desired solution needed to be cost-effective, secure, and dependable, while adhering to data stewardship standards. The client had high expectations for seamless integration with multiple third-party data vendors and the implementation of scalable, fully-managed ETL solutions available through the Google Cloud Platform.