We are a data-centric engendering company which could help in a wide spectrum of cloud solutions. Beginning from helping you with cloud transformation moving your on – premise infrastructure and services to cloud or build hybrid solution ending on building cloud native services and applications. We can provide you with a wide range of expertise from helping with choosing or tailored to your business needs: architecture, platform provider and toolset.

What is Cloud Solutions?

  • On-premises – Cloud Solution migrations
  • Building cloud native services and applications
  • Cost and performance optimization of cloud solutions
  • Building complex cross cloud data integration tools
  • Building ML and AI analyses platforms

Cloud services we perform

  • Data discovery & Data maturity assessment
  • Data quality checks and standardization services
  • Cloud based scalable solutions for large volumes of data
  • Real-time and batch data processing
  • Optimization of database and data warehouse platforms
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Web API & data streaming development
  • Agile and customer-oriented work process
  • Design DE cloud solutions designed by a team of certified experts
  • Preparation and automation of ETL processes for multi-structured data
  • Design optimization of database and data warehouse platforms
  • Preparation of software solutions for integrating systems

  • Implementation of scalable data driven solutions
  • Real-time and batch data pipelines & processing
  • Data quality and standardization services
  • Data integration & maintenance services
  • Data Lakes and Data Warehouses setup

  • Consultancy and preparation of a plan for analytical method development
  • Preparation of recommendation systems
  • Searching for patterns in sequential data
  • Quality evaluation of organizations’ analytical products

Benefits of Cloud services

How can your organization benefit from a Cloud Solution?

  • Reduction of capital expenditures
  • Scalability up and down
  • Efficiency and cost reduction – better resource utilization, lack of direct costs of hardware maintain especially in SaaS model
  • Built in Disaster Data recovery tools
  • Security on the infrastructure level
  • Allows for easy data centralization and consolidation
  • Global availability



Technology tool stack

  • Analytical Databases: Big Query, Redshift, Synapse
  • ETL: Databricks, DataFlow, DataPrep
  • Scalable Compute Engines: GKE, AKS, EC2, DataProc
  • Process Orchestration: AirFlow / Composer, Bat
  • Platform Deployment & Scaling: terraform, custom tools
  • Storage: S3, Blobs, Azure Data Lake Storage

  • Support for all Hadoop distributions: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR
  • Hadoop tools: hdfs, hive, pig, spark, flink
  • No SQL Databases: Cassandra MongoDB, Hbase, Phoenix
  • Process Automation: oozie, Airflow

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Data Studio
  • D3.js

  • Python: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, scipy, spark, pyspark & more
  • Scala, Java

Cloud Solutions FAQ

What Type Of Security Parameters Does The Cloud Have In Place?

● High DDoS protection
● Built-in easy to use data protection services (backups, redundancy etc.)
● Compliant with regulatory requirements (GDPR/RODO etc.)
● High availability and flexible scaling
● Zero trust security model

Is Cloud Computing The Same As Software-As-A-Service?

Both terms are connected. Cloud Computing is a much wider term. Cloud Computing generally includes delivery of computing resources (servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics) over the internet. SaaS is one of the models/ways/levels on how cloud computing services can be delivered.

What Types Of Applications Can Run In The Cloud?

Almost every possible application, except perhaps desktop applications that do not require internet access.

How Do I Know If The Cloud Is Right For My Business?

If your business isn’t limited by legal regulations; there are almost certainly use cases in which cloud solutions will be beneficial.

What Workloads Can I Move To The Cloud?

From companies with very small workloads to really huge ones, the cloud opens the door for anyone to join the big data revolution, making this goal achievable even for smaller users. It is also strongly recommended for workloads for which computing needs fluctuate over time.

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