Creating an application dedicated to the client’s needs includes several stages in which our experienced team take part. Cooperation with the client is a key at every stage of the project. We explore everything there is to know about client’s business, what the product needs to deliver and to whom. We use the best technology to build a successful product that helps businesses grow and thrive.

Web Application Development

What we do

The first stage of work on a dedicated application is based on the analysis of the client’s needs and application functionality.
For this purpose, we conduct meetings and organize workshops during which we listen to the client’s needs and propose solutions and ideas.
The result of the meetings and workshops is a specification document, on which we will work until the end of the project. In the document, we define the functionalities that should be included in the created application and the key arrangements. The resulting requirements specification document is approved by the client and our company.
We start working on the project. We conduct research that is the basis for design. Based on the research report and project requirements, we create mock-ups and projects that we test before handing them over to programmers. At all stages of work, we are in contact with the client in the form of meetings and workshops. The design stage ends with the creation of design documentation, which we attach to the requirements.
During the application development, partial tests of the created functionalities are carried out.
After creating the application containing all functionalities by the assumptions and the specification document, the final test of its correct operation takes place. The test takes place first in our environment and is carried out by designated employees, then in the customer’s production environment, which allows you to check the correctness of operation in the customer’s environment.
The final stage in the design process is the implementation of the application. Together with the implementation, we organize training and provide project documentation with research and test reports. At this stage, we organize a meeting where we summarize the design process and define the next steps to improve the application.
After the production implementation, our company looks after the created application for a period agreed with the client. After this time, there is a possibility of further care, if such is the client’s request.
If there is a need to expand the functionality of the application, we are at the customer’s disposal. Each application created by us can be further developed, keeping the currently working functionalities and adding new ones.

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We have the best experts on the market in the following technologies.
Their experience in various fields enriches the projects and guarantees successful results.
We constantly take care of new skills, comply with trends, and gain new knowledge.

Languages: CSS 3 | HTML 5 | Javascript | Typescript
Frameworks: Vue | React | Angular | Next | Nuxt

Python | Scala | Java | .NET | Node | PHP

Google cloud | Azure | AWS

MySQL | PostgreSQL | ORACLE | MongoDB | BigQuery

Docker | Kubernetes | Terraform |AWS Developer Tools | Azure DevOPS | Google Developer Tools | Github Actions | Jenkins

Selenium | Cypress | WebdriverIO | Robot Framework | Playwright

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