We help companies of all sizes to drive value from Machine Learning. Our services offering is designed to accommodate different levels of Machine Learning adoption in the company.
Our standard engagement types in the Data Science domain include:

Data Science & Advanced Analytics

We assist you on the road to embrace ML and AI in your business processes. We work together with your team to identify key improvement areas that can benefit from the use of advanced analytics within your company. We define the infrastructure and competencies needed to achieve the goal and create a game plan. The created roadmap incorporates industry best practices and inputs from your business. In our approach we are always tool-agnostic and first try to maximize the usage of existing IT infrastructure and analytical platforms. If your existing approach to analytics no longer gives competitive advantage we often suggest exploring one of the available ML-as-a-service cloud solutions.
Our broad industry experience in delivering analytics to Fortune 500 companies gives us confidence to be able to evaluate and assess your current analytical ecosystem and processes.  If your company is struggling with adoption of ML or business benefits from AI are not to par, we are here to help.  By evaluating every step of ML lifecycle in your organization we will be able to pinpoint the challenges and prepare a resolution plan. We summarize our findings in a formal report where we also outline recommendations for the organization and outline next steps to be taken. Our findings often include cost cutting guidelines, strategies for improving time to market team. We also define processes limiting amount of rework needed in the ongoing support of Machine Learning products.
Core of our engineering services is delivering end-to-end AI tools that solve business critical problems. We can help your company gain competitive advantage in the following areas:
  • Making predictions more accurate with AI
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Allocating marketing budgets more effectively
  • Ensuring business continuity with AI-powered tools
  • Understand patterns in your business data
  • Secure your corporate data and IP from exfiltration
  • And many more that we will be happy to discuss and explore

If your goal is to develop Machine Learning competences in-house, we can introduce our Data Science consultants to your team. DS Stream Data Scientist will provide you with the capacity to get the analytical work done faster while training others in the process. Us working in proximity with your in-house staff will enable easy knowledge transfer and present a lot of learning opportunities.

Our experience in Data Science & Advanced Analytics

  • Processing behavioural data of hundreds of millions of customers
  • Analysis and optimisation of budgets in programmatic Advertising
  • Sales trends analysis and prediction
  • Data enrichment and 3rd party data correlation
  • Collection and real time analysis of events collected from distributed loyalty applications
  • Automation and optimisation of Machine Learning models
  • Creation of statistical models predicting customers behaviours based on past event sequences
  • Optimisation of TV ads  channel and time placement decisions

  • Systems monitoring billions of packets daily for early network attack detection and mitigation
  • Analysis and prediction of event sequences leading to customer churn
  • Natural Language Processing for fraud risk assessment
  • Machine Logs processing for data leakage monitoring and suspicious traffic patterns detection
  • Social Network Analysis for fraud rings identification and other organized fraud scenarios monitoring



  • Integration and transformation of Machine logs
  • Collection and analytics of real time IoT data feeds
  • Building event-based campaigns and pipelines (anomaly detection, sensor data processing)

  • Image segmentation and classification for business process automation
  • Automatic pattern detection and visual search
  • Automated anomaly detection in visual inputs
  • Visual search and recommendation Engine development based on convolutional networks

  • Processing and transformation of multi-structured data
  • AI based cost monitoring solutions

Benefits of Data Science & Advanced Analytics services

Become a data-driven organization with the meaningful insights required to make business decisions immediately.

How can your organization benefit from Data Engineering services?

  • Making better decisions based on the powerful knowledge you gain from the data
  • Improving product quality and user experience by analyzing gathered data
  • Identifying new business opportunities by predicting behaviors based on historical data
  • Reducing costs and increasing profits by simplifying your data architecture
  • Reducing of project duration by speeding up the processes of accessing insights
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Our technology tool stack

  • Analytical Databases: Big Query, Redshift, Synapse
  • ML SaaS offerings: GCP AI platform, Amazon SageMaker, Azure ML
    MLOPS ToolsKubeflow, MLflow

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Data Studio
  • D3.js

  • Python: numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, scipy, spark, pyspark & more
  • Scala, Java

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Data Science & Advanced Analytics FAQ

What is data science as a service?

Data Engineering is the process of transforming large amounts of company data into useful systems that are prepared for in-depth business analytics.


What is the benefit of data science?

Data Engineering makes it faster and easier to extract useful information from a company’s data. As a result, these insights help to make accurate business decisions.


Data engineering vs data science

A Data Engineering service takes care of collecting, parsing, managing, analyzing and visualizing large data sets in a company.


What are the elements of a Data Science project?

  • Identifying the client’s needs
  • Designing  a highly scalable efficient data solution
  • Implementing the ETL processes
  • Validating and verifying data quality
  • Delivering  an analytical data driven solution for your organization


When does a company need a Data Science service?

If your company is experiencing difficulties with data processing and storage, our team of qualified Data Engineers can help structure and optimize your company’s data to deliver business insights.


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