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Data migration to Google Cloud BigQuery and ensured the seamless operation of data for Leader in e-commerce platform

August, 2022 – ongoing


Leader in e-commerce platform




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Google Cloud Products: BigQuery

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Our goal was to migrate data to Google Cloud BigQuery, which had already demonstrated successful implementation throughout the organization of our customer. However, the native BigQuery writer integrated into the client’s tool offered limited options and did not provide the necessary level of data governance as required by the client.

Our approach

In order to facilitate the necessary functionalities, we incorporated the native writer into Python code that leverages the GCP API and implements the missing features. The resulting solution can be readily expanded to accommodate future requirements.

Kubernetes monitoring tools
Graph database use cases


We successfully completed all necessary tasks and ensured the seamless operation of data transfer flows without the need for human intervention.

Business Impact

As our client had already implemented BigQuery, the decision to migrate their data to this platform proved to be a wise choice. By doing so, they were able to avoid the hassle of introducing a new tool to their existing stack. Furthermore, this migration ensured that employees could continue accessing current data using the familiar tool they were already proficient in.

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