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Due to the dizzying pace of introducing innovations, the IT industry is still full of enigmatic and unexplained concepts for a broader audience. Many industry definitions effectively hide under unusual abbreviations. It is worth not only gradually getting to know them but also finding out what they mean. What is motion UI, and how does it affect app content? We answer this question and related concerns below.

Motion UI – What is it and how does it work?

Motion UI (motion – movement; UI, user interface) is simply the moving, dynamically changing content of a website, application, etc. It is essentially a visual graphic effect that serves as a guiding theme and leads the user through an even better experience on a website or application. What is the main goal of such an approach? Graphic content moves dynamically depending on the user’s direction on the page or in the app, providing a high level of UX while using the UI. But is that its only purpose? Motion UI also has other, secondary but equally important tasks.


What is the purpose of motion UI, and what does it provide to its audience?

The battle in website design is primarily about capturing the user’s attention. It is, therefore, a fierce duel for graphic effects. When hovering the mouse, clicking, scrolling, etc., in other words, after performing a specific action on a website coded by a web designer specializing in Motion UI design, our eyes should see the movement of an object or another visual effect. As mentioned earlier, this serves to improve the user’s experience on the site (UX) and may encourage taking some action, making a decision, etc. For example, we may encounter an animated CTA (Call to action) button, which encourages taking an action often marked as conversion, e.g., add to cart, order, check, download an e-book, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. Now let’s examine which effects can help achieve these goals.


What effects do we distinguish within Motion UI?

Many of them are well-known, but some you may hear for the first time. Below we list ten effects used in Motion UI design that are worth knowing:

  1. Fading;
  2. Sliding;
  3. Appearing;
  4. Zooming in;
  5. Zooming out;
  6. Rotating;
  7. Expanding;
  8. Rising;
  9. Descending;
  10. Highlighting/bolding, etc.


What else is worth noting?

Common practices in this type of web application graphic design include incorporating well-matched sound, video, and graphic effects into the final project. You can also choose the speed, direction, and other movement values to make the customer’s, user’s, or audience’s journey even more interesting and guide them towards the goal previously set by the app designer. It should be noted that these are often not complex and multi-dimensional applications, but very simple ones (in terms of project advancement and the degree of complexity in their execution).


How can you avoid creating boring website or app content?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as some web designers or web developers might think. One thing is certain – no one likes high bounce rates and short sessions on a site or app. How to correctly implement Motion UI design to avoid this? It’s worth fully trusting a proven and reliable IT and new technology company. The extensive experience and broad knowledge of specialists will ensure that the implementation of this solution for business will be smooth and bring numerous benefits to the client, who will undoubtedly recommend such services to other recipients. Let the word spread. And you? Watch the increasing conversion charts, brand recognition, or engagement.


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